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Smart SSD

Faster Time To Insight

Pushing Intelligence to Where Data Lives

Today’s architecture requires large data transfers between the CPU, GPIJ, SSD, and RAM. CPU performance becomes a bottleneck forming a flat ceiling as additional SSDs are added to a server. SmartSSD adds processing power to the SSD itself drastically reducing data movement while accelerating lightweight computing. This configuration allows processing to happen near the data allowing for immediate insight and concurrent processing of large amounts of information.



The SmartSSD Platform accelerates a variety of applications including database management, video processing, artificial intelligence layers, and virtualization. Runtimes, libraries, APIs, and drivers can be built into the system using common application frameworks.


Concurrent acceleration on large amount of data

Processing near the data

Immediate insight from data

SmartSSD's Broad Range of Acceleration Use Cases

Life Sciences and Genomics

Immediate Insights from Data Lakes

Financial Services

Video Transcoding

Image Recognition and Object Detection

Real-Time Log Analytics

Speedup Complex Ad-hoc Queries

Enhance Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Use Case Examples

Use Case #1

Airline Traffic Intelligence

Which cities originate the most flights with 10+ minute delays?
Which airport in the bay area has the worst record?

Use Case #2

Business & Marketing Intelligence

What is the effect of returned parts on lost revenue?
How effective is the market promotion in the time period?

Use Case #3

Financial Portfolio Intelligence

Continuously calculate VWAP for all Nasdaq Stocks combining new trades with trades from Jan 1, 2018 to Sept 30, 2018.


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